Meck Co. Commissioner’s ICE Facebook post sparks outrage


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — Mecklenburg County Commissioners speak out about ICE raids that are sparking fear in some communities after one Commissioner posts on social media that ICE agents should come to the meeting.

The fear felt in some Charlotte communities over ICE raids has boiled over into city and county government. Outraged people shut down city council last week and now the fight has been brought to county commissioners.

A social media post from Mecklenburg County Commissioner Bill James sparked outrage in some speaking to the chamber.

“Your solution is to call ICE to the County Commissioners meeting to intimidate people not to participate in their government. You should be ashamed of yourself,” said one speaker. Another speaker stated, “like my friend I just got in the news that ICE was going to be here so I was going to say hello to them.”

Some felt the comments on James’ post were extremely hurtful. One woman wiped tears streaming down her face with shaking hands.

“I cannot believe that you would suggest bringing ICE agents here. I just can’t imagine it,” the woman said.

She also read some of the comments aloud in the chamber, “go Bull Connor on them, police dogs, fire hoses. As they are herded into ICE buses and shipped to the detention centers in Georgia crack some skulls…”

A few commissioners broke the rules by responding, “The notion that we would have ICE officers in our chambers, I have to say, is repugnant to me, said Commissioner Trevor Fuller.

Some county leaders also identified with the struggle some are feeling in immigrant communities. “I mean I know this is a scary time for a lot of people, there’s a lot of fear but we have to stick together, we can’t divide among ourselves. We are your allies, we’re not the enemy,” said Commissioner Pat Cotham. Commissioner Fuller also responded saying,  “So we don’t have the legal power to make changes, what we do have is our voice.”

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