Massive water main break in N. Charlotte causes headaches for homeowners


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — A water main burst in North Charlotte Tuesday morning, flooding the street and drenching a nearby home — inside and out.

“This is the result when you take your time about fixing things,” said Hiram Smith, the owner of the home that was soaked. 

The family who lives here had to rip out the carpeting, their car’s windows were shattered when debris flew across the street. The owner says he’s looking at over $60,000 in damage.

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“This is something that could have been prevented. The whole neighborhood tried to get it fixed when we first saw the problem,” said Jayla Joyner, a homeowner in the area. 

She ran out of the house before the water rushed in.

Nearly every neighbor we spoke to says they called about the problem pipe weeks ago.

“It was known to us that it had been reported several times, but nothing was done,” Janet Lang, another neighbor. 

“Numerous residents called because I got just as many phone calls,” Bob Barone, the President of the neighborhood’s HOA. 

Many want to know why charlotte water didn’t come to fix it. A media spokesperson says they’ve had several emergency repairs over the last few weeks because of cold temperatures.

“They said it’s on the list; we’ll get to it when we get to it,” 

Which is the same thing they told FOX 46: This repair wasn’t a high priority on their list at the time.

On Tuesday water restoration crews were at the home today, drying it out the homeowner says his insurance isn’t covering the damage to his car.

As for water damage? That’s a waiting game.

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