Masked person caught on camera prowling around Huntersville neighborhood


HUNTERSVILLE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — A scary image was caught on camera.

A masked person was caught on home surveillance video prowling outside a house in the NorthStone community area early Thursday morning. The video took the homeowners by surprise.

“My first thought was is that our house?” Carlton Burton says the video was captured around 2:30 a.m. Thursday, April 19.

“Watched it a few more times and realized he was checking our door and walked over to the car and checked the handle to the car door to see if it was open.”

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He and his family recently moved into a home near Northstone Drive and Cadgwith Cove Drive in Huntersville.

They installed surveillance cameras only a few days before they caught the person creeping onto their property.

“Thank goodness we did because if not we would have never known. We would have never known how close we came.”

Huntersville Police say three cars got broken into the same night in the NorthStone community. A stun gun, purse, and $120 cash among the stolen items.

Burton says he got lucky.

“The night this happened, I had not locked my car door. We were out, got back, and the wife checked my car door. Of course it was unlocked. The wife said a few nice things to me about that. I locked it and then this happened that night. I have learned my lesson to lock my car door.”

Huntersville Police say the three cars broken into were left unlocked. One of them had a gun inside. The other had keys to the car. Both items were left untouched.

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