Make A Move NC helping parents learn about school safety options


HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (FOX 46) — “Make a Move NC” is trying to make school safety easy for parents who don’t know where to turn to. 

“We want to offer ideas to the community. Things each one of us can do as individuals to help make that change happen,” Make A Move NC Organizer Susan Lurs said.

“We are trying to connect people with information to make it a little bit easier,” Sandy Hook Promise Leader Katie Duke-Ferguson said.

“Make a Move NC” organizers held a rally on Saturday at the Sweetwater Farm in Huntersville where local leaders, school officials and national organizations were on hand for parents to learn what they can do to keep their kids school safe.

“We all have to change a little bit and it’s not going to be one solution there’s a whole bunch of little changes to be done,” Duke-Ferguson said.

Mental health experts say it starts at being able to recognize the problem at its core and having the right tools to act.

“Find ways to make it clear to people, it’s more than just being concerned. There are thing you actually can do with individuals. We can talk about gun safety, we can talk about all those thing but if an individual is talking about hurting themselves or other people, then other individuals needs be able to say ‘I know what to do next’ not ‘oh my god, I throw up my hands and have no idea’,” Mental Health Expert Dr. John Simpson said. 

Dr. Clayton Wilcox, Superintendent for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, spoke about funding request submitted to the county for more counselors and new safety measures. Recently, they unveiled their new online system to report bullying anonymously through the schools website. 

“I can use your help, not by just being here today and raising the consciousness of others but if the county commissioners seem to shy away from funding these request, we need citizens to say, there is nothing more important than to protecting our children”

“Make a Move NC” hopes parents take these tools and spread them to make schools safer faster and easier for other parents.

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