Major road to close this weekend in Charlotte


(FOX 46) — Attention drivers! You might want to avoid Sharon Amity at Independence Boulevard this weekend.

Starting at 10 p.m. on Friday Sharon will be closed at Highway 74. The new bridge is set to open in time for Monday morning’s commute.

Folks who live and work in the area said they’re excited to see the Sharon Amity bridge up and running.

“Just ready to see what it looks like. It’s going to cut out having to go around the world.”

Maurice Little and other workers in the area say the new bridge will impact how they get around town.

“Definitely want to see it done. It’s been a long time coming. Traffic can be a nightmare going down 74 and coming back. It’s going to be a good thing,” said Tate Harman.

This is the second of three bridges to open over Independence Boulevard which will out traffic lights for a non-stop drive all the way from uptown to Harris Boulevard.

Folks who live in the area hope that will cut down on cut through traffic.

“As traffic backs up at that stoplight, folks will slip through our community to try and bypass it so the cut through traffic has been bothersome,” said Brian Swaney.

But NCDOT said it could get pushed back if Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate.

“We need the weather to be cooperative to get this to happen. If we have a wet forecast, it could change our plans because we have some paving to do and some striping to do to tie in the new road alignments. Unless we have a dry forecast, we may have to postpone our plans,” said Jen Thompson, a spokesperson for NCDOT.

The Department of Transportation says it will wait until Friday to make the call.

The entire Independence project is set to be complete this summer – nearly a year after its initial deadline. That also will depend on Mother Nature.

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