Luxury hotel coming to Mooresville along Lake Norman waterfront


MOORESVILLE, N.C. — There are plans to build a brand new waterfront hotel along Lake Norman. Sunset Cove would be the first luxury lakefront hotel on the property. 

The property features a spa, pool, private beach, and convention center. The hotel is situated along Sunset Cove Lane off exit 31 on I-77. 

“We really want to create something that’s great,” said Brett Krueger who is bringing the development to Mooresville. 

Krueger makes the trip up I-77 almost every day to check on the property and he even works from a lone chair set up on the dock. For Krueger, it’s all about the views. Renderings of the project show his vision for the lakefront land. 

“We like this cove and the sunset and we don’t want to change it. We want to leave as many trees as possible,” said Krueger. 

The development is the first of its kind along Lake Norman. 

“Usually people are opposed to development,” explained Krueger. The Mooresville City Council approved the project back in April. Several neighbors expressed some concern about the development. 

“Neighbors have contacted me about questions and we have talked about everything,” said Krueger. 

With the toll road now open Krueger believes the hotel will help the area continue to grow. He anticipates the hotel will employ more than 100 people and that’s after the building is finished. 

“We really want to create something that’s great,” said Krueger. 

The property will feature a high-end restaurant and beach club which will be accessible for a fee if guests are not staying at the property. 

Crews are expected to start construction in early 2020 and hope to open by the summer of 2021. 

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