Lowe’s employee makes walker for disabled calf


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A little disabled calf in need has a set of new wheels thanks to one dedicated and kind Lowe’s employee.    

Little Lowla was injured when she was just days old and can’t support her head and front legs.    ‘

Her owner wanted to get her a wheelchair, so she spoke to the Monroe Lowe’s and lucked out when employee Keith got to work.    

He designed and constructed a walker for Lowla, creating the perfect product for the deserving calf.    

“I’m so grateful and thankful for everything that they’ve done. I just can’t express it enough,” Lowla’s owner Kathryn Russell said. 

Thanks to Lowla’s kindhearted owner, she and the compassionate Lowe’s employee are our neighbors getting results. Now, Lowla get back on the move.

“Without them she wouldn’t be as far as she’s come today. She definitely wouldn’t be walking, so I’m very grateful,” Russell said. 

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