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Police departments, sheriff offices, and fire departments throughout our area are on the ground now in Pender County, taking a look at the areas hardest hit by Florence and helping get results for those in need.

“We have two deputies working in shelters and the rest are helping with patrol functions here in the county we are answering all kinds of calls,” said Sheriff Allen Cloninger from the Gaston County Sheriff’s Office. 

They’re helping the hard-hit hurricane victims, and doing all they can to assist other emergency service agencies there. Some of them have been working around the clock since last week.

“It’s rough a little rough down here but it will get better,” Sheriff Cloninger said.

Many of the first responders there are from the Huntersville Police Department, the Conover Fire Department and the Gaston County Sheriff’s Office. 

“You have to understand the folks here in Pender in emergency services have been going since a week ago. By supplementing them we give them the opportunity to get some rest and get back in the game. That’s not saying they’re not doing everything they can, but eventually they get tired,” said Sheriff Cloninger.    

15 deputies are in Pender County with the Gaston County Sheriff.

“For every tree down in Gaston County during the storm, there are 20 down here. We’re seeing a lot of trees down a lot of highways are washed out we still have flooding going on in the southern part of the county. 13 roads re closed here in the county.” 

Water rescues are still underway in parts of the county that are still flooded. 

“They still have power outages the electrical crews are working all over the county. The National Guard is here. They’ve done helicopter rescues, swift water rescues,” Sheriff Cloninger said. 

Local law enforcement from several different departments– getting results in a time of devastation and need.

“It’s a great feeling to come help those in need but also to let people in Pender county know our county hasn’t forgotten about them or anyone on the east coast.”

You can also help get results for victims of Hurricane Florence by donating to relief organizations.