Local corn maze cancelled after summer heat dries up crops


HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. — Rural Hill is cancelling the Amazing Maize Maze this fall because the corn crops didn’t grow.

The summer heat is taking a toll on the Huntersville non-profit. Each fall, Rural Hill hosts the event and it’s one of the largest fundraisers for the farm.

“The first day the corn started to show signs of withering there is nothing to describe that feeling,” said Jessica Bustamante, the interim executive director for Rural Hill.

Bustamante says every year they plant with the best of hopes but this time it just didn’t work out. About a week ago they realized the maize wouldn’t happen.

“Normally we would have opened up this past weekend and it just didn’t happen this year and it’s devastating to us,” said Bustamante.

Rural Hill planted one corn crop and it didn’t grow so they quickly planted another one. Without rain, the second one didn’t grow either.

Bustamante says while parts of Charlotte received rain the farm really didn’t get any measurable rain. The corn crop needs 26,000 gallons to give the land one inch of rain.

“We haven’t seen it this bad in quite some time,” said Fred Brown who farms the Rural Hill land.

“Charlotte would get an inch and a half of rain and we wouldn’t get anything. I said this isn’t going to be good for us and it just started getting dryer and dryer,” said Brown.

Now, Bustamante has to navigate a different kind of maze of working through the year without the important fundraising event.

She hopes that people will support other events and consider donating.

They believe the odds will be in their favor next year.

“Mother Nature is our best bet,” said Brown.

The Rural Hill Sheepdog Trials and Dog Festival is November 9- 10 and there will also be a Harry Potter Quidditch tournament.

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