Local church takes in 450 displaced seniors, after Hurricane Matthew destroys homes


FORT MILL, S.C. — Hurricane Matthew displaced hundreds of seniors citizens from Hilton Head South Carolina, but a local church in Fort Mill took them in. Ken George tells Fox46 Charlotte he and his wife evacuated safely, but so much change, so fast has been hard on Martha who is battling Alzheimer’s.

“It is very difficult because with that disease keeping the individual calm is aided greatly by not having change,” says George.

The residency at Morning Star Church took in the Georges, along with 450 displaced seniors. General Manager Erika Robinson says she was happy to provide shelter for so many storm refugees. Hundreds of volunteers have come to keep these seniors comfortable through disaster.

“Most of disaster relief pertains to going to the disaster site, which would be the flooded area, the hurricane area,” says Robinson. “But very few people understand what happens to the displaced people.”   

The displaced seniors were supposed to stay at Morning Star Church for five days, but because Hurricane Matthew destroyed more than anyone expected, they stayed for double.

“The homes had flooded, there was a lot of tree damage, the roads were completely blocked,” says Robinson. “And the hospitals weren’t open which is a requirement for these people to get back on the island.”

Ken tells Fox46 Charlotte the displacement and damage did not concern him much, because his home will always be with Martha.

“We’ve had a good relationship for many years,” says George. “She is dependent and trusting.”

The 450 displaced seniors are packing buses and heading back to Hilton Head, South Carolina on Saturday, hoping to rebuild and finally return home.           

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