‘Like God’s anthrax’: Pineville police officer vents about NC’s record-breaking heat


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — One Pineville police officer took to social media to vent about North Carolina’s above average temperatures this week. The video could not be complete without a hilarious SnapChat filter. 

“Alright, serious conversation time,” the video starts. “One of y’all have not been treating North Carolina the way she ought to be treated. You got to treat her gentle. She can be temperamental.”

The police officer then implies the Tar Heel State has feelings, and folks ough to watch out. 

“She has weapons she uses against us. Y’all realize this right?” the officer says. “Yeah, y’all ever heard of pollen or ragweed? She treats it like God’s anthrax. Don’t act like I’m crazy because y’all know exactly what I’m talking about.” 

The Pineville police officer then address his main issue. The extreme heat. 


“Her favorite one to use though is heat,” he says. “It is supposed to be 97 record-breaking degrees when the average is 83 degrees. Let that sink in. That means that one of y’all hurt her feelings so bad, that she turned the oven up to broil and then feel asleep at the kitchen table, drool and all.” 

The officer then explains how other fellow police officers have to endure the hot temperatures in their heavy gear – and it’s not that fun. 

“That means us popo’s have to walk around wearing these dentist office x-ray vests in the middle of this oven, so watch yourself.” 

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