Less than 8-years-old, these kids raised $1K for Christmas gifts for the homeless


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — A group of youngsters is getting big results for the homeless in Charlotte. They received one dollar from their Sunday school teacher and turned it into a thousand.

Mikayla D’Amico is 7-years-old. A few weeks ago her Sunday school teacher gave Mikayla and the rest of the class one dollar. They could hold on to it or use their talents to make it multiply.

“I’m raising money for homeless people and we’re getting presents for them and we’re going to give them presents on Christmas Eve,” Mikayla tells FOX 46 Charlotte.

Being creative, Mikayla decided to hold on to her dollar and make Christmas cards.

Seven-year-old Grayson Rolph also used his creative talents to get results for the homeless.

“I remember seeing someone sleeping in leaves and covered up in them. That made me sad,” Grayson said. 

Just a handful of kids, all under the age of 8, took their dollar and turned it into a thousand. Their Sunday School teacher says they completely blew her away with their initiative. 

“I was surprised. Sometimes we don’t give kids the benefit of the doubt. They really rise above what we expect them to,” said Sunday school teacher Sam Corban. “They took the ball and ran with it. We’re talking about six kids and raising more than $1,000. That itself is just amazing.”

On Christmas Eve, the kids will personally hand out sleeping bags, tents, and food to the homeless. 

“I really want them to have comfort and be warm instead of being out there in the cold,” Grayson said. 


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