Lawmakers show bipartisan support for $2.2 trillion stimulus bill


One big question you may have about the stimulus bill is how exactly how much the Carolinas will receive and how it will affect you. 

The exact number is still being worked out, but we do know that it’s in the billions. 

Representatives Alma Adams and Senator Lindsey Graham both voted for the stimulus bill. Both say the bill wasn’t perfect, but both say it is what the country needs right now.

It’s trillions of dollars meant to give the economy a boost and for those representing the Carolinas in Washington, they say it was either this, or a bad economic situation getting worse.    

“We were more concerned about folks who were about to lose their jobs and incentives for employers to get their employees on,” NC Rep. Alma Adams said. 

Adams spoke to FOX 46 by Zoom after showing her support for the stimulus bill.


“People are worried about losing their jobs,” said Adams.

The representative told FOX 46 us she wanted the bill because it looks at the health of those with the coronavirus, the health of the economy and the average person trying now to make ends meet.

“It will help keep the lights on and keep the refrigerator stocked,” SC Senator Lindsey Graham said. 

Graham also supported the bill, which will give billions to the Carolinas to keep things running for something no one would’ve thought, weeks ago, that they’d need.

“We deal with hurricanes, very well. This is a hurricane that isn’t going to leave anytime soon,” said Graham. 

The bill didn’t have universal support. 
“No one got everything that they wanted,” Adams said.

But they say compromise led to something that can help stop the spread of the coronavirus.
“It’s larger than the new deal, and there’s a lot of things in there I don’t like, but there are a lot of things in there that are going to save lives,” said Graham. 

Representative Adams says tonight that there may be another stimulus bill in the near future and she says that bill also has bipartisan support.

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