Latino community meets with City to keep dialog open after fatal shooting of Josue Diaz


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — More than 20 people from the City of Charlotte and the Latino community met on Friday to discuss the fatal shooting of Josue Diaz and to start the dialog on how police can rebuild trust.

“How can we do something differently in order to address some of the concerns the community has regarding the relationship with the police and also regarding future relationships given the executive orders that are coming out,” Latin American Coalition Executive Director Jose Hernandez Paris said.

Latin American Coalition Executive Director Jose Hernandez Paris says during the meeting Chief Kerr Putney appeared defensive at times.

“There’s a understanding that the police is trying to do a job but there is also an understanding that there are issues between law enforcement and people of color in general that have to be addressed that are not only police issues or law enforcement issues but community issues,” Hernandez Paris said.

Hernandez Paris tells FOX 46 Charlotte, CMPD has many programs to build trust with children but there’s not much outside of that,

“When most interactions are in situations of law enforcement, I don’t think the encounter of those two groups is being productive and I don’t think current processes or training are addressing that,” Hernandez Paris said.

Many Latino community members hope this meeting can help them can find that balance with police.

“We have to find a way to communicate better and for law enforcement leadership to be strong and flexible and understanding of the community they are working with,” Hernandez Paris said.

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