Lancaster County family’s horse shot in head, deputies search for killer


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A horse was shot in the head in Lancaster County and the family looking for the person responsible. ‘Boss’ was killed back on November 18th. 

“Every night, that horse would greet me with a hug,” Julia Dunn said.    

Robbie and Julie Dunn are stunned they’re going through this for the second time. Six years ago, their horse Pretty Girl was also shot and killed all due to makeshift gun range nearby.

“We know for certain who killed that horse. We don’t know about this one. We don’t know if it was a hunting accident where he was shot. I kind of don’t think it was an accident,” Robbie Dunn said. 

Since they lost Pretty Girl, the Dunn family put cameras up to keep an eye and protect their horses. This time, they were able to catch Boss’ last moments on earth

“He’s normal one minute and the next minute he’s doing stuff that’s not him. That’s not normal for him and then I think that’s he’s walking around in pain”

Boss, spends from 3 am until 8am in pain, shaking his head around and stretching his neck. The family says that was his way of showing he was in pain. 

Boss finally collapses from the pain and dies.

“It just stabbed me again, just really hard in the stomach,” Julie Dunn said. 

The Dunns also captured what they believe is someone walking through their property with a headlamp. They think that person was illegally hunting near their property and boss was in the line of fire.

“I wish they would come to me and let me know somehow so I can have some sort of closure in it”

Lancaster Sheriff’s Office is investigating but the Dunn family feels the case won’t be taken seriously.

“I, almost as bad as it sounds, would rather it been intentional because if it was done by accident, it could be her standing by that barn next time,” Robbie Dunn said.

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