Lancaster County 12-year-old cutting grass for college


LANCASTER CO., S.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — A Lancaster County kid is getting results for himself this summer by getting to work.

While other kids are enjoying the summer off school, 12-year-old Jaylin Clyburn is mowing lawns to save money for college.  

“I just want to be independent,” Jaylin told FOX 46.

His mom, Wendy, is a single mother, and says Jaylin would see his friends get new toys or clothes from their parents; they just don’t have that luxury.

“So I posted it on Facebook that I was cutting grass,” Jaylin said. “That’s when everybody started commenting and inboxing me,” he said.

Jaylin was only charging $10-$15 a lawn; a modest number to get his mowing business moving. 

Hundreds commented on his Facebook post, giving him props saying, “I don’t know you, but I’m so proud of you!” Many encouraged him saying, “keep up the good work!” One man even donated a pair of work boots.

“My mom won’t have to spend her money,” Jaylin said, “and I’ll just have my own money.”

The calls and texts are now rolling in. The Lancaster County community is ready to put him to work. His mom says she couldn’t be prouder.

“I was glad he chose to do that,” she said, “because that helps him to be independent and not depend on getting nothing from other people.”

Jaylin, who says his favorite player is Cam Newton, hopes to play football in college, and he wanted to extend a message to those who have helped him earn money so far this summer.

“Thanks to everyone that’s been donating to me,” he said, “[and] for being able to cutting grass and stuff like that, I just want to thank the Lord for that.”

Most who hire Jaylin pay more than his $10-$15 fee. So far he says he’s saved $100.

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