Kings Mountain woman kidnapped at gunpoint while shopping


KINGS MOUNTAIN, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Kings Mountain Police are looking for two women after they were caught on surveillance kidnapping a woman at gunpoint while she was shopping.

“I am terrified,” Verlina Lomick, told FOX 46. 

Lomick, 51, was shopping inside this roses store on Shelby Rd. in Westgate Plaza when things went south.

“Generally you don’t think something like this can happen in a small town, but it did and it can,” Lomick said. 

It was a horrifying ordeal for Lomick, especially for this small town community and it all began inside this roses store in Westgate Plaza.

“I have never in all my 50 plus years been in a situation like this ever,” she said. 

She was approached by two women inside the store, one of them, claiming to have a gun.

“They kind of cornered me in and immediately I felt this pinch in my side and the lady beside me stuck a gun in my side and said ‘this is what I need you to do, I need you to follow us and don’t make any noises or anything or I’ll blow a hole in your side.’”

In the surveillance video you can see one suspect in this pink top and blue pants with a large brown pocket book the other in a white blouse with blue pants.

“In all honesty I don’t remember seeing a gun but just the fact something was protruding into my side and she said she’d blow a hole in my side that’s all I needed to hear.”

The two suspects demanded Lomick drive to the bank where she was robbed of thousands of dollars.

“She said ‘go inside it better take four minutes or less and you come back out or else I got all of your info here and I’ll make sure someone comes back and does something to you or your family.’”

From there, Lomick dropped the two suspects off at the Dollar Tree and she hasn’t seen them since.

“I was thinking ‘this was Good Friday, the day Jesus died and this is going to be the same day I die,’ that’s exactly what I was thinking.”

Shoppers who frequent this Roses store were shocked.

“It is pretty scary yea especially having young children and you just don’t ever know,” one shopper said.

“I’ll definitely be on guard from now on,” said another.

Lomick is just thankful to be alive.

“I forgive them from the depths of my heart and I think it’s apparent they didn’t know me because anyone who knows me just ask and I’ll give it to u they didn’t have to do it that way.”

The suspects are believed to have been in a blue, four door sedan. Anyone with information should contact Kings Mountain Police.

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