Keith Scott’s family attorney responds to Charlotte-Mecklenburg DA’s decision


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46) — Keith Scott’s family didn’t get the decision they were hoping for from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office.

“I can understand the decision not to pursue charges but that does not mean this officer killing of Keith Scott was right. All that means, under the view of the District Attorney’s Office, it wasn’t criminal and those are two different things,” Justin Bamber Esq., explained. 

“We don’t believe the entire investigation is over because we are still conducting ours so they accept it as a step in the process,” Eduardo Curry Esq., said.

The family’s lawyers said it’s rare family members have this much access to investigative files while the case is still under investigation.

“I hope that one thing that has come out of this case is a new era of transparency and an earlier release of information as it’s acquired,” Charles G. Monnett Esq., said.

Now, the investigation will focus on the training police officers received to respond to situations like this.

“That will be the focus of our investigation. Were these officers properly trained? Were they following their own departmental policies? Were the procedures that were in effect reasonable and should they have applied to the situation,” Monnett said.

“Whether he had a firearm in his hand or not, that’s not the key question in determining if Keith Scott should have lost his life. It’s whether or not that officer should’ve pulled the trigger and extinguished his life based on a whole of everything that occurred,” Bamberg said.

These lawyers are also looking into state level changes on how police departments investigate themselves.

“Officer involved shootings don’t have to happen. Yes, many are justified, many are not but at the end of the day we are talking about a human life being extinguished and that is truly tragic,” Bamberg said.

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