Kannapolis church sign raising eyebrows


KANNAPOLIS, NC (FOX 46) — Folks can’t miss the sign out front of Resurrection Baptist Church in Kannapolis.

While churches aren’t allowed to endorse or oppose political candidates – one pastor said he’s willing to do anything if it’s what’s best for the country. 

Pastor Tim Jones said his Baptist Church is independent. 

“We stand in this church and if that means losing our tax exemption we will stand up for this country and our beliefs,” Pastor Jones said. 

Pastor Jones does not see a problem with his sign out front. 

“I expected to see a little bit of controversy, maybe someone to drive by and honk,” Pastor Jones said. 

Now a few honks have turned into phone calls. 

“”I have. I’ve gotten threats today,” he said. 

The sign lets drivers know church members are voting – but not for Hillary Clinton. Jones said it’s more than just a political statement. He wants to see Christians out at the polls. 

“I know there are a lot of Christians, 25 million or so who didn’t vote in the last couple of elections,” he said. “Our church would not treat anybody any different based on their candidate. However, we are a conservative Baptist Church. We do stand on our convictions and our morals…and we are pro-life. We support our military. We support the police.” 

The vote so important to the church – they are offering free rides to the polls. Even if your vote is for Hillary. 

“Absolutely! But I said I can’t promise you that all the way to the polls that I won’t tell you the reason why we are supporting the candidate that we are supporting – and give you biblical reasons why we do not support the candidate that you are heading to the polls to vote for,” Jones said. 

When the polls close and the ballots are counted – Resurrection Church said they’ll stand with America. 

“We will pray for and support the candidate regardless if it’s Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton,” he said. 

There are some Hillary Clinton supporters who attend the church. The pastor told FOX 46 Charlotte they ‘agree to disagree’ on politics. He said they are embraced as members of the church and not looked down upon. 

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