It might be Spring, but Winter is not letting go


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — The fourth nor’easter in three weeks has hit north of North Carolina, hard.

Due to the snow, there were cancellations at Charlotte Douglas International Airport for flights headed to or coming from states such as New York, New Jersey and DC.

In North Carolina, the weather has varied this week.

Over a number of days in the Piedmont area we’ve experienced high winds, thunderstorms, cold temperatures, hail and snow.

“This is crazy,” said one Charlotte native. “I was ready for spring and now we’re back in winter again.”

Some businesses in the mountains of North Carolina are benefiting from the winter-like weather this spring. For example, Sugar Mountain Resort could remain open longer if weather like this continues. Last year, they closed March 20. As of now, they have no closing date and could keep their doors open later into March this year. 

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