Indian Trail family wants answers after dog goes missing from groomers


INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — A family dog went missing after a trip to the groomer last Thursday. Now, the family is desperately searching for their furry friend, and asking for answers from the organization that lost him. 

The Cave family considers their Yorki-Poo, Beamer, a brother to their son.

“He’s definitely a part of our family,” Chris Cave, Beamer’s owner, told FOX 46. 

Beamer went missing while in the hands of a trusted groomer and the family says they’re left without an explanation.

“She came out and he was suddenly gone,” Chris said. 

He and his wife, Angie, say they dropped Beamer off, like many times before, at Pretty Paws Grooming and Boarding. The groomer says she let him outside into a fenced-in area and returned inside. She came back 10 minutes later and he was gone.

“I don’t know if it’s something that could’ve been avoided or not. Accidents do happen,” Chris said. 

But the family says what doesn’t add up is that the groomer waited six hours to notify them, even admitting to leaving the facility to run errands during that time.

“I was just basically told that he went missing in the morning, and they tried to do a search for him and for some reason just decided to wait six hours to call us.”

The groomer tells FOX 46 she left one of her gates unlocked and believes someone could have walked in and stolen the dog. Still, she feels she didn’t do anything wrong.

At first, she declined an interview, but allowed us to shoot video. We didn’t observe any spots where the dog could’ve likely escaped. Then, for some reason after about 15 minutes on the property FOX 46 was kicked out without an explanation. 

“That’s enough. You need to go,” the groomer said. 

The Caves say they aren’t giving up hope and neither is their son.

“He said ‘Mom, I’ll get on my scooter, I’ll go find Beamer for us,” Angie told FOX 46. 

But they can’t shake the feeling that something doesn’t add up.

“It’s tough to be patient when you’re trying to recover a family member,” said Chris. 

Beamer was last seen on June 27 in the 6200 block of Indian Trail Fairview Road and Circle Drive in the Hemby Bridge area. A cash reward is being offered to anyone who can help bring Beamer home. 

Anyone with information on Beamer or his whereabouts is asked to call 843-337-8229. 

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