Independence HS football field vandalized before game against Butler


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — What was supposed to be a friendly high school rivalry turned criminal Friday. 

The football field at Independence High School was found vandalized just hours before the game against Butler High School. 

For years the rivalry between Independence and Butler has played out on the gridiron between the two schools, but it didn’t matter what school people were from; when FOX 46 asked about their thoughts, they agreed that it had gone too far. 

“They broke the goal post and spray painted people’s faces,” student Jesse Taylor said. 

Explicit language was spray-painted on the sidewalk, a goal post was left bent and the vandals even sprayed through every year the team won a championship. 

“I was surprised to be honest and this was something I never seen before,” student Elijah Trezbant said. “It’s a rivalry game I get it but they took it too far.” 

“It was a little too far. I get casual pranks but when you get to this point it’s just disrespectful,” said Ryner Szorentini, another student. 

Thanks to some dedicated students and parents, everything was cleaned up and the field was restored to normal, but many were still shocked by the vandalism. 

“It was very disappointing,” parent Telly Gardner told FOX 46. “It’s unbelievable what kids will do.” 

Despite the vandalism, the stands were packed for the highly anticipated game parents say that’s how it should be– a night of students supporting their school with a little friendly competition and leaving out anything that could cause trouble.

“Think before you act. This could be a charge and get you in trouble you don’t want to get into. Just think before you act,” Gardner said.

Students like Taylor say at the end of the day, “it’s just a game.” 

FOX 46 has reached out to CMS to see if anyone will be in trouble for this. They have not gotten back to us at this time. 
but thanks to school officials and some dedicated students– within hours things were back to normal–

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