Increased security at Mooresville High School following shooting threat


MOORESVILLE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — Police and parents are on alert after a threat on social media warned students not to come to Mooresville High School on Thursday because there would be a school shooting.

Both students and parents are worried about the threat, but are glad the school is acting quickly. 

“It’s pretty scary, I guess. We all just come to school to try and learn and have fun,” said Cody Allen, a student at the school. 

The Mooresville Graded School District confirmed that a shooting threat was made toward the high school this week. It was originally posted on Snapchat, and prompted the school to add extra security for the remainder of the week. 

A student sent the post to FOX 46, saying the threat was also posted on an app called Discord. The post warned students not to come to school on Thursday, saying there will be a school shooting.

“It’s extremely concerning with everything that’s been happening of late,” parent Carol Wolfe said. 

There are normally two resource officers and another officer called a “floater” at Mooresville High School, according to the district, but they are adding more security, according to the principal, because of the threat. 

“I trust our school administration and our police department to keep us apprised and informed,” said Wolfe. 

The school district also confirms there is extra security at Mooresville Middle School because of a threat posted on social media over the weekend. 

Some parents tell FOX 46 they’re concerned about sending their students to school on Thursday, but Wolfe says she plans to send her daughter.

“I don’t think we can go around being intimidated by posts that in all probability do not have any credibility and I haven’t heard anything that tells me it’s credible,” Wolfe said. 

The school district tells FOX 46 they have a way for students to email and call anonymously if they see threats on social media, and this time they acted quickly.

Within half an hour of seeing the threats on social media, the school district says they got about a dozen reports, and they’re encouraging students to continue to report those types of things.

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