Ignore daylight saving time? Lawmakers in SC want to look into it


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(FOX 46 WJZY) — Some lawmakers in South Carolina want to get rid of the national daylight saving switch. 

Earlier this week, just ahead of Sunday morning’s annual turn-the-clocks-forward event, South Carolina senators endorsed a study into the pros and cons of opting out, the Post and Courier reports

One pro, they say, is the sunlight for which South Carolina is so famous could last longer, meaning more time for outdoors. The annual hour of lost sleep would also go away. 

The online publication reports that cons would be the state could be “off kilter” from her neighbors and the rest of the Union, traditional televised sports broadcasts into our homes would change, and cross-border trips, or even travel up and down the East Coast, would take on a new meaning. 

Sen. Harvey Peeler, who authored the Senate resolution calling for the study which the Senate passed on Wednesday, said Georgia and North Carolina would have to make the switch too for this to “work.” 

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