Icy conditions persist after snowfall, some roads not yet cleared


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — When it snows, Lizzie and Judge Meadows, at this point, know the drill. As they treat their own driveway with salt, they watch drivers take on the icy hill on Reddman Road.
This happens every time that it snows,” Lizzie Meadows said, “and we sit in the window and just look at them going up the hill.”
Cars slide down the slick streets, which is why CMPD closed closed it down.
“We’ve seen several accidents this morning where a vehicle (is) trying to go up a hill and one coming down the hill,” said Judge Meadows.
CMPD responded to over 300 wrecks Wednesday after the storm; that’s a 40% increase from what they normally see.
“It’s been busy,” said CMPD public information officer Robert Rufano. “Getting a little bit better today from what I understand.”
Already, some of that ice started to melt, but that could change in just a few hours.
“Side streets are still slushy and icy,” said Glenn Smith, a passerby. “You really got to be careful driving in your neighborhood.”
Although the Meadows know their small stretch isn’t a priority, they’d like to reduce the traffic. Currently, countless drivers make u-turns in front of their home.
“Well, the next time it snows, I’d like the police department or whoever to at least put a sign saying, “do not try to go up this hill” because it’s not going to happen,” Lizzie Meadows said.
At least for one more night, CMPD asks if you don’t need to drive somewhere, it’s best you stay at home.

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