“I know it’s from up above”: Kidney donor explains what it means to be perfect match for Army vet


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — A California woman is giving more of herself than most would even consider, and she’s doing it for a total stranger.

Annette Clark’s kidney is a perfect match for Army veteran Edmund Baines, and she’s flying to North Carolina to give it to him.

In a time where some around the country seem so divided, many people have come together to save Edmund Baines’ life, from the dozens of potential donors, American Airlines and the Gary Senise Foundation.

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“This whole situation or this whole experience has blessed my life because you realize what’s most important and really the relationships are the most important things in life,” said Annette.

Back in February, something on her phone caught her attention and a day later she called Baines.

“I just called him and I said, I saw your sign on your truck, it was on my Facebook account and I’m A+ and I’d be happy to go forward and see if I can be a potential match for you,” she said to Baines.

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Clark is an organ donor and tried before to donate a kidney but it didn’t work out. She feels everyone has something to give even if it’s not an organ, so for her there was no hesitation.

“When somebody’s in need and I have something that I can help, you know, I can share something and I’m able to, why not.”

Clark didn’t do it for publicity or recognition but because she realized people need to see positive stories. In this case, it was a match made in Heaven.

“I know it’s from up above it was divine. So, you know, I know some people don’t believe in that and that’s okay but I know, I know, the source, I know where it came from because who would make a statement like that. You know, that I know I’m going to be a match when really you have no idea. So it was really a wonderful experience for me,“  said Clark.

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Edmund is still healthy despite going to dialysis three times a week. He keeps a positive outlook because any day his health could take a turn.

“One of the things that greatly influenced me to want to step forward also to offer my kidney was that, when I was reading that piece, that he, he’s actually younger than I am and he has grandchildren and he wants to see his grandchildren live and grow and go to all those wonderful moments,” Clark said.

She believes this story could influence others and that appealed to her. “It pulled at my heartstrings so to speak. He served our country, he served for 8 years and he deserves this,” said Clark.

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Clark and Baines call each other often and although they haven’t met in person they’ve gotten close, even realizing they’re both one of 8 children.

“He told me I would have another brother for life. So, it’s nice to have another brother on the other side of the United States.”

Adding another sibling to the family in this case, for both of them, is the chance of a lifetime.

Clark will be flying to Charlotte, as soon as she is healed from a recent foot surgery, for a final round of testing, then they will schedule the transplant. 


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