I-77 construction vehicle uses emergency lane to skip traffic


MOORESVILLE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — One of our news crews caught a construction vehicle speeding past traffic in the emergency lane on I-77 southbound at mile marker 31 in Mooresville.

Both the North Carolina Department of Transportation and Highway Patrol tell me they’re taking action after seeing FOX 46 Charlotte’s video.

“That emergency shoulder, although they have access to that shoulder and they are able by law to drive on that shoulder, they are required to do it in a safe manner and at that speed, I don’t consider that a safe manner,” said State Trooper Ray Pierce. 
After watching the video, Trooper Pierce wants to get results. 

“Next step from here is traveling down to the construction zone, finding the head engineer, speaking with him, trying to determine which company or subcontractor that was in the work zone, passing on the shoulder, and contact the company and advise workers that even though they are able to use that shoulder, they have to use it in a safe way,” Trooper Pierce said. 

The NCDOT is also addressing the video saying, “Based on the video footage, it is difficult to tell if the vehicle was on the shoulder for a work-related function or not. Construction vehicles should not utilize the shoulders to avoid traffic. We are looking into this issue and will address accordingly.”

But this isn’t just a one-time occurrence. We shared this video with you on social media and one viewer wrote back saying he “saw one do that and then cut across both lanes of traffic and into the work area. He flew thru the work area kicking up a dirt cloud and then cut back over into the passing lane. All that to gain (like) 10 car lengths on me!! Infuriating.”

Another person on Twitter said, “I commute to LKN & back every day & this is literally every day. If it’s not a construction vehicle it’s some other jerk!”

Trooper Pierce says it can be difficult to track down the person responsible for being unsafe in the work zone, even if you have video.

“Unfortunately, with construction vehicles usually there are numerous people driving those vehicles. A lot of times, unless someone comes forward and says yes that was me in that vehicle, any given day there could be eight to nine people in that construction vehicle. It can be difficult to pin point who was actually driving at the time of the occurrence.”

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