Hwy 160 getting facelift for 2022, residents say upgrades need to happen now


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — Highway 160 (Steele Creek Road) is finally on the books for NCDOT to get a facelift. The plan is for four lanes, a bike lane and sidewalks to be added all the way from the Shopton Rd. intersection to the South Carolina state line. The start date for construction is 2022.

“That sounds spectacular but the year doesn’t sound too good though,” Steele Creek resident Anthony Belmonti said.

People who live in the Steele Creek area have wanted the road widened for years.

“I think it definitely needs to be widened. Charlotte is growing a lot faster than the road can keep up with. It takes an hour to go about 10 miles,” Steele Creek resident Kevin McCorsley said.

Many are happy NCDOT is listening to them about the traffic issues but they said the changes need to happen now and not in five years

“They should have done it five years ago. They should have done it 10 years ago,” McCorsley said.

“This is one of the faster growing areas in the city. You would think we would get a little more relief a little quicker,” Belmonti said.

One part of the project is to make improvements to the intersection of Hamilton Road and Steele Creek Road. That schedule is to begin next year in 2018. Many drivers told FOX 46 Charlotte it’s one of the worst parts of Highway 160.

“I try to avoid it but you are going sit, especially if you are coming home during rush hour, you are going to sit in traffic for an hour plus. Just sitting at a standstill, waiting for someone to make the left hand turn and kind of free up the road,” Belmonti said.

Even with help on the way, drivers are still skeptical about how long that relief will last.

“I’m doubtful that they can get it done in a year just with what they have to deal with,” said Steele Creek resident John Fendley said.

“When it’s done. Unfortunately, there seems to be more people in Charlotte anyway and they have to rethink the situation again,” Steele Creek resident Joe Guirintano said.

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