Hurricane Matthew roars through Chesterfield, taking down trees and leaving thousands without power


CHESRTERFIELD, S.C. — Heavy winds brought down trees, flooded roads, and caused power outages all over the county, as Hurricane Matthew roared through Chesterfield.

The Chesterfield County Sheriffs officer enforced a curfew from 7:00PM to 7:00AM, warning people to stay off the roads.

Joshua Rogers, Ruby Fire Department   

“Stay inside please,” said Joshua Rodger, Captain of the Ruby Fire Department. “Because at the moment we have no idea when power lines are going to fall or trees are going to collapse.”  

David Lanson tells Fox46 Charlotte he heard the cracking of 100 year old peacan trees in his front yard, and prayed they would not fall on the house.

 “We just heard all the cracking and popping, and then naturally 3 seconds later the tree falls down, goes out in the road,” said Lanson.

Lanson, a retired firefighter, now volunteers with the South Baptist Disaster Relief Team. He is on alert, waiting for Chesterfield Emergency Management to call his team in, and repair the town.  

“We’ll see where the worst is, where the roads are blocked, maybe it’s on someone’s house, or it’s on the power lines, and they need to get the trees out so they can get in,” said Lanson.

After Chesterfield, Lanson and his disaster relief team will move town by town, closer to the coast, restoring what Hurricane Matthew brought crashing down.

 “My yard is safe. It’s not on the house, it’s not on the road, but we do its all for the lord.” 

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