Hurricane Matthew cleanup begins, some areas still flooded


CUMBERLAND COUNTY, NC (FOX 46) — This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“There’s no water, there’s no food, the shelters are filled. People are lined up, literally sitting beside the road begging for help,” Elizabeth Morales said. 

Morales said she packed up what little she had left in her hometown of Lumberton, North Carolina, devastated by Hurricane Matthew. 

Many roads and bridges are closed, either washed away or blocked by downed trees. 

Morales said it took her and her friends at least three hours to find an open gas station. She said she doesn’t know where to go. 

“There’s nothing. There’s nothing. We’ve lost everything. The City Council wasn’t prepared. Nobody was prepared for this hurricane and now we have nowhere to go. They’re telling us to leave Lumberton and don’t come back when the dam broke last night, it washed us all away. Everybody’s house is underwater,” Morales said. 

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