Huntersville police identify suspect wanted in ‘peeping tom’ incidents


HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — Police in Huntersville have identified a man accused in multiple ‘peeping tom’ incidents at local stores. 

Chase Walton, 31 of Huntersville is the suspect in this case. He has not yet been arrested. 

Police say Walton, who was caught on surveillance video, took pictures up a woman’s skirt at a Huntersville Target Monday morning. Another woman reported the same thing at a nearby Walmart Monday night. 

“I think it’s crazy as hell. I mean, why would you, how could you even go to a store and even do that,” a customer told FOX 46.  

Walton is said to have frequented both the Target and a Walmart in Huntersville.

“Over in this area, I would never expect it. Not on this side of town,” another said. 

After police released the pictures of the suspect, calls started pouring in with tips about his identity. Several customers say the suspect needs to be jailed and register as a sex offender, others say he needs a mental health check. 

“That person needs help.”

Customers not say they’ll be paying closer attention to their surroundings.

“We really can’t be safe doing pretty much anything in this world nowadays. It’s kind of sad and disappointing.”

Anyone with additional information is asked to call 704-464-5400 or contact Ofiicer Shaw by email at

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