Humane Society of Charlotte offers free adoptions through Cyber Monday


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — From malls to animal shelters, pet lovers say they found the best Black Friday deal. The Humane Society of Charlotte is hosting free pet adoptions from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

On Friday the shelter opened with 60 cats and dogs. By the middle of the day on Friday, more than half the animals were already adopted. Mary Capistran adopted a black lab on Friday and tells Fox46 Charlotte this is the best present of the holiday season.  

“I wanted to avoid the malls and a new member of the family,” said Capistran. “It will be a great present.”

Huck Nawaz, the Director of Animal Welfare at the Humane Society of Charlotte, says bringing these animals home is better than anything you can buy at the mall.

“There’s an opportunity to come meet a bunch of great animals, find the right one that’s a good fit for the family, and have a life-long companion,” said Nawaz. “So it’s a lot better than buying a TV or something else at the store.”

Nawaz tells Fox46 Charlotte the holiday season is their busiest time for pet adoptions. More than 2,000 animals have already been adopted this year, and he expect that number to skyrocket over this weekend.

“All the animals in our care and in all the shelters deserve a loving home,” said Nawaz.

This is the first year the Humane Society of Charlotte has participated in the event. During the doggy discount, many families have donated what it would normally cost to adopt a pet back to the Humane Society to support the shelter. The Humane Society of Charlotte is a non-profit organization that relies solely on private donations to achieve its mission.

“Folks have been really generous in making an extra donation in place of the fees to support our mission,” said Nawaz.

Every day across the United States, 9,000 animals are euthanized simply because they don’t have a place to call home. More than 115 shelters, rescues and humane organizations across the United States, including the Humane Society of Huntersville, will participate in the initiative, allowing families across the nation the opportunity to save a furry friend this holiday season.  

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