How to properly sanitize and disinfect your home


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The method of cleaning and the products your using may not be enough to keep your house germ-free.    

FOX 46 spoke with one expert on how best to protect your home. 

“Sanitizing and disinfecting are two very different approaches. Many people are thinking they are doing the right thing will spray and wipe and that’s not disinfecting,” Stephen Paddison, a local cleaning expert. 

Cleaning products have been flying off of shelves but are you using them correctly to make them the most effective? 

Paddison says to disinfect, cleaning products need to remain wet on a surface for at least 10 minutes before being wiped off.

“Antiviral solutions that are applied definitely need to have a dwell time.”

Disinfect hot spots like counters and tables but remember all the places you touch including under the counters and banisters. 

“The things that we just take for granted so much. The door handles, the refrigerator handles, dishwasher handles, key fobs, your remote controls, your phones.”

To minimize the risk of cross-contamination, use disposable wipes or paper towels and use a different one for each surface.

“When using disposable wipes, don’t just use one wipe to do the whole home.”

Using the right products is important and using them correctly is critical. Don’t combine chemicals like bleach and ammonia which create hazardous fumes. Check warning labels before mixing.

“Read the label. Read what the EPA registration number is or if has an EPA registration. Read what the kill claims or statements of effectiveness,” Paddison said. 

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