How flammable is your child’s Halloween costume?


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It’s a danger not many parents think about, but many Halloween costumes are extremely flammable.

October 31 is just weeks away and FOX 46 wants to keep you safe, so we went to the Cook’s Volunteer Fire Department to show that it doesn’t take much for your costume to catch fire.

“Any little thing will catch this on fire quick and it will burn straight through,” one of the volunteer firefighters told FOX 46. 

It’s an absolutely terrifying thought that it could happen to you or your child. 

Halloween costumes can be a lot of fun, but those costumes can also be very flammable.

“It didn’t take no time for costumes to catch on fire and spread and once it melts it can melt onto ur skin which can be real bad for you,” he said.   

Halloween is only weeks away and the pumpkins and candles will soon be lit.

“You should always be careful with those costumes because they’re polyester and the material is so thin, so even if it doesn’t have a flammable label on it, just be cautious of that anyway.” 

While it is noted that some of these costumes are flammable on the label, others come without a warning.

“It has no insulation really so it will get onto the skin real quick.” 

So aside from watching your kids around lit up jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins, also keep them away from cigarettes and anything that could be a threat to their costume, engulfing in flames.

“Just the flick of a cigarette butt, so parents try not to smoke around kids during trick or treating anything like that.” 

If something does happen, firefighters say try to use the stop drop and roll method that kids are familiar with and try to get the fire out before they even arrive.

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