Honoring pilot and friend, opening weekend of “Sully” movie


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Friday is opening day of the movie “Sully” capturing legendary US Airways Flight 1549 landing in the Hudson River in January 2009.

They call it the most unique accident in aviation history but FOX 46 Charlotte spoke with two local flight attendants who said it was no accident that the man who saved 155 people on board was the pilot, their now famous friend.

“All the pilots will say that they could have accomplished the same with the same survivor ship,” Patti Gabriel said. “But Sully was such a calm reassuring influence.”  

Gabriel and Jodi Flynn flew with Captain Chesley Sullenberg in the 1980s. Now they are buying tickets to the movie made in his honor.

Gabriel told FOX 46 Charlotte watching the accident on the big screen will give audiences a glimpse to the flight crew and why emergency training is so important.

“They will see us in action. And they will see the captain in action. And what actually transpires when you are going through that kind of stress and pressure,” Gabriel said. 

Cinebarre told FOX 46 Charlotte that the viewing of Sully that Gabriel and Flynn attended was sold out. They are expecting all screenings of Sully to be packed opening weekend.

Jodi Flynn said the crash could have been a catastrophe but it wasn’t thanks to Sully. She’s excited to see to see her fellow flight attendant friends and Captain Sullenberger portrayed by actors.

“And Clint Eastwood directing, I’m so excited,” Flynn said. “I’m glad they are doing something to honor these people.” 

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