Home security camera captures moment of Ballantyne house explosion


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Security camera video shows the before, during and after of the massive explosion that ripped through a Ballantyne home Tuesday afternoon.

 Rich Campe, who lives next door on James Jack Lane, was home at the time. His outside security camera captured the terrifying moments.

“The video show calmness in one moment, and then an instant explosion with chaos,” Campe told FOX 46. “

The explosion claimed the life of 58-year-old Rania Karam and severely injured her husband, Dr. Jebran Jaram. The blast completely leveled the $1 million dollar home.


“[Rania] was always living in this grateful, loving, caring place,” Campe said of his neighbor. “She was all about love, caring, compassion, and family. She loved her family.”

Investigators said the cause of the explosion was likely an interior gas leak. It’s unclear what could have caused the leak, but officials said they believe it was an accidental natural gas leak.

Campe’s house was not left unscathed. The blast from Tuesday’s explosion put a hole in his home.

“The windows and the door frames are bent in some cases.”

His home has been deemed unsafe while repairs are being made. It could be 90 days to a year before his family can move back in.

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