Holiday ‘Grinch’ makes off with Navy veteran’s Christmas lights


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Just like the The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, a Navy veteran says his Christmas lights were stolen off his front lawn.

Charles Sullivan, who lives on Kildare Road in Charlotte, says he will leave his house dark, refusing to put up other Christmas lights until he gets security cameras to catch the Christmas criminals.

“I just looked around and noticed something wasn’t right,” said Sullivan. “Because the lights, they flicker, they change colors. I mean they are attractive, that’s why I got them. I guess someone else found them attractive too.”

Sullivan says his house was lit in red, green, and blue Christmas lights at 6 p.m. Thursday. He did not hear or see the robbers, and believes they dodged the motion sensor lights.

The thieves only stole the Christmas lights and nothing else from his lawn.

“That’s kind of bold for someone to come on your property that close and take something.”

With so many robbers stealing Christmas packages off porches, Sullivan is surprised someone sought out his Christmas lights, but says the holiday season can make people desperate.

“People will take anything if they can get a dollar for it,” said Sullivan. “And that’s kind of bad because a dollar ain’t that much.”

While other homes in the neighborhood decked the halls in Christmas lights, Sullivan believes his house was targeted because his lights were rooted in the ground, not attached to the house.

“They are discontinued that’s why I can’t replace them.”

The Navy veteran is not asking for the lights to be returned, but won’t let the thieves steal his holiday cheer again.

“Whoever it is, just consider yourself lucky,” said Sullivan. “I’m gonna keep closer watch now.”

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