Hickory Regional Airport facing major clean-up after Monday storms


HICKORY, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Clean up will continue at the Hickory Regional Airport for some time. It looks like a scene from a movie, a scene many wanted to see for themselves.

“It’s a mess down there,” said Joe Bumgarner who came to take pictures of the scene.  

“Sounds as bad as it looks, there was debris flying everywhere,” he said.

He wasn’t alone. Neighbors from around Hickory came to the airport Tuesday. The city says a tornado touched near the north ramp Monday afternoon damaging two hangars.

“Sounded like a constant rumble of thunder couldn’t tell the direction it was going,” said Zach Coffey of the Sawmills Volunteer Fire Department.

“My daughter showed me pictures on her cell phone and I said ‘well my plane is gone,’” said William Gwynn.

Gwynn is one of the lucky ones. His plane was parked in the hangar next over.

“When you see car on top of another you know terrific amount of force. The planes are much lighter designed to fly in strong winds,” Gwynn said.

Volunteer firefighters worked through the night clearing debris to the north of the airport.  

The storm may have moved through in a matter of seconds, but the clean-up and repairs will take much longer.

Thankfully no one was hurt and despite the damage, the airport is open for business. We have seen several planes come and go. 

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