Hickory Police search for ATM skimming suspects


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Hickory Police are searching for the suspects responsible for placing a card skimmer inside of an ATM machine.

On Tuesday, April 3, Hickory Police responded to a report of an ATM skimmer located at 355 HWY 70 SW. Police say a skimmer had been placed inside the card slot of the ATM, and came out with a customer’s card during use.

Bank officials have been notified and any customers whose information may have been compromised will be contacted by their financial institution.

Officials encourage ATM users to take precautions before using machines by pulling gently on the card reader to ensure that it is securely affixed to the machine; it should not be loose or detach from the machine.

Additionally, you can use your cellphone’s Bluetooth to check and see if there are any skimmers in the area. Turn your Bluetooth on, and if any devices are detected nearby with a long string of letters and/or numbers, this may be an indication that a skimmer is active.

If any items detach from or come out of the ATM, or if anything about the machine seems suspicious, contact the bank that operates the machine and inform them prior to notifying law enforcement.

If they confirm that there is a possible skimmer on the machine, please inform your local law enforcement agency so that the device can be removed and analyzed appropriately.

Anyone with information about this investigation is asked to contact the Hickory Police Department, Investigator J. Crapps at the Hickory Police Department at 828-261-2626 or email jcrapps@hickorync.gov.

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