Hickory man devastated after tree from another property crushes home


GASTON COUNTY, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — A Hickory man is devastated after a tree came crashing into his home as storms rolled through the area this week. 

It’s a house that has been a part of Raymond Johnson’s life for the last forty years, and if you go right past the kitchen, you’ll see why he can’t live in it at the moment. What was a bedroom is now a pile of debris. 

“I had all my family photographs, documents for my mother,” Johnson said. 

Back in March, FOX 46 did a story on the very tree that has caused so much damage. It wasn’t on Johnson’s property on 10th Street NE so he didn’t touch it, but he was worried it would come down. It did just that on Sunday. 

“It’s taken out the bedroom in the  back, the whole back porch, the kitchen, the tiles came down,” Johnson said,

You can see where the tree was uprooted from the base when it came down. It was exactly what Johnson has been concerned about for the past six years. 

“Limbs had fallen from the tree, they even fell on the roof one time.” 

The tree was on property belonging to an apartment complex. FOX 46 reached out to the property management company and the land’s owners. They have not gotten back to us.

Johsnon says he has a progressive and degenerative medical condition and he was in the middle of making the house wheelchair accessible. He was getting the house ready, but now, he’s not sure what’s next.

“The tree prevented my plans of moving over here, so I’m stuck where I’m at.” 

At this point, Johnson says he just wants to save his home.

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