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Baby “Super” Jude Peters was born with a medical condition that currently affects only 53 people in the world.

He has Rhizomelic Chondrodysplasia Punctata (RDCP), a rare form of Dwarfism.

Jude wasn’t expected to make it to his first birthday, but he did. Now two years old, this brave little warrior is defying odds every single day.

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Miraculously, there are new treatments that have the potential to save and enhance his life; but they still lack funding and national awareness.

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Now you have the chance to save Jude and his Rhizo brothers and sisters by attending Jude’s Annual Black Tie Fundraiser.

The event benefits Rhizokids International.

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This event will be a classy, formal affair and a marvelous dinner will be served. Come ready to participate in raffles, listen to live music, and love on baby Jude!

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To get your tickets:

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