Gunshots heard going off in 911 call during early morning attempted robbery


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — Gunshots are heard going off during a 911 call in Charlotte, after the caller tells the operator there’s a man on the ground and another man standing and holding what appears to be a gun.

On the 911 call, made early Wednesday morning from Woodlawn Road, someone asks, “Do you hear the shots?” The other person responds, “Yeah, is he shooting at him?” The caller says, “No, he was shooting at the ground.”

Police say Alonzo Edwin Castro pulled out a gun and tried to rob someone early Wednesday morning in the parking lot of the Days Inn and Azteca Mexican Restaurant on Woodlawn Road. When the victim ran away, investigators said Isidro Albarran fired a gun.

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CMPD Officer Francine Delano heard the shots and responded. The police chief said Officer Delano felt her life was in danger, so she fired a shot, hitting Castro in the leg. Albarran and Castro have both been arrested.

Less than 24 hours later in a separate incident, police got into a shootout with robbery suspects at the Cash America Pawn on Wilkinson Boulevard.

Investigators said Bobby Lannell Hargrove was injured in the shooting. Hargrove was arrested, and another suspect, who hasn’t yet been identified, is still on the run.

Officer Kendrick Williams is now on administrative leave for his involvement in the pawn shop shooting.

Twice in one day CMPD officers fired their weapons. The shooting outside the Days Inn was the first time CMPD shot someone, since Keith Scott was shot and killed by police on September 20. Scott’s killing sparked nationwide outrage and protests in Charlotte.

Todd Walther with the Fraternal Order of Police said there is worry over the scrutiny officers face and the impact that could have when they have to make a split second decision on whether to use deadly force.

“I think in some of the officers’ minds, there are concerns about that, about how they’ll be looked at, but I think it really comes down to the training and professionalism of these officers and how they act and conduct themselves,” Walther said.

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