Group calls for sex offenders to be allowed at NC State Fair


RALEIGH, N.C. — A group advocating on behalf of registered sex offenders wants North Carolina officials to allow people listed on the sex offender registry to be able to attend the State Fair.

A 2016 law passed by the General Assembly bars registered sex offenders from the North Carolina State Fair in Raleigh as well as any other fairground in the state during an agricultural fair. 

North Carolinians for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (NCRSOL), based in Raleigh, said in a statement that public safety resources are “being wasted” by tracking sex offenders, arguing more resources should go toward threats like Legionnaires’ disease.

According to the North Carolina Department of Health, more than 120 cases of Legionnaires’ disease were contracted at an agriculture fair in the state last month.

Under North Carolina law, registered sex offenders cannot be on the premise of a place that’s intended primarily for minors or minors’ care, like schools and playgrounds, and places where minors frequently gather when minors are present, like amusement parks and swimming pools.

Registered sex offenders cannot be within 300 feet of a place intended for minors or minors’ care when it’s located somewhere that’s not intended for such use, like shopping centers.

NCRSOL adds that not allowing sex offenders in fairs is a “feel-good law,” and makes the lives of those who have finished their sentences more difficult.

The 2019 North Carolina State Fair will be held Oct. 17-27.

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