‘Greatest Show on Earth’ rolls into Charlotte for the final time


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — The ‘greatest show on earth’ rolled into the Queen City for the final time on Sunday. Although the circus is closing the curtain, protesters continued to show up.

Anticipation for the greatest show on earth was evident outside the Spectrum Center as thousands of people to made their way to uptown Charlotte. All of them were eager to sit under the big top for the final time, but not everyone came to support the last performance.

“I have been organizing protests against the circus since I was 10-years-old,” said Sophia Storlazzi-Johnson.

About a dozen protesters with signs showing clearly how they felt about animals stood beside the crowd of hundreds waiting to get inside. So what was their goal of protesting a circus that is ending?

“We have come out here today to spread awareness about the fact that Ringling still has not announced what will happen to the animals. The lions, tigers, camels and zebras are still up for grabs,” said organizer Kristen Moyer.

Some of those attending the final circus didn’t agree with the protesters message.

“Yeah well I disagree with you 100 percent. A friend of mine worked here and they are  better taken care of than you are at home,” one woman shouted at a protester.

This isn’t the first time animal rights activists have worried about animals leaving the circus. Last year, Ringling Brothers announced elephants would no longer be part of the show. Circus organizers say they were sent to a conservation.

“It’s not the best, but it’s much better than being in a circus,” said Storlazzi-Johnson.

Although Sunday was the last show in the Queen City, Ringling Brothers will continue across the country through May. More protests are planned at some stops along the way.

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