Granite Falls fire: Building did not have functioning sprinkler system


GRANITE FALLS, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — The building that caught fire in Granite Falls Friday evening did not have a functioning sprinkler system, according to a Caldwell County fire inspection report. 

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The report states that the Old Shuford Mills building was inspected on July 19. The inspector cited the building, saying that the sprinkler system needed to be repaired “ASAP!” and be put back in service. 

The inspector also noted that there should be a 24-hour fire watch with someone walking the grounds every hour until the sprinkler system was back up. 

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There were several other violations listed that included putting covers on electrical boxes and junction boxes, repairing non-working exit and emergency lighting throughout the building, mounting existing fire extinguishers and adding more extinguishers to the building. 

The violations were supposed to be corrected immediately with the re-inspection date set for Monday. 


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