Gov. McMaster issues ‘Work or Home’ order, limiting activities


COLUMBIA, S.C. — A lot of eyes are on South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster after he was one of the last leaders to put their state under a ‘Stay-at-Home’ order. That order ago goes into effect Tuesday, April 7 at 5 p.m. 

At last check, more than 2,000 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in the Palmetto state and 48 people have died.

Governor McMaster said he was forced to make this decision because many people were not following social distancing recommendations and non-compliance was on the rise.

As of Monday morning, there were only nine states that were holding out on the ‘Stay-at-Home’ order and South Carolina was one of them.


McMaster issued a “Home or Work” order, which seems to conform with the strict guidelines set forth by the surrounding states.

“I’m issuing a mandatory ‘Home or Work’ order. Tuesday 5 p.m., everyone should stay home,” McMaster said. 

South Carolinians must stay home or at work unless they’re visiting family, exercising or getting the necessities.

“I agree with it. I don’t know, depending on where you’re at or how close you are to this topic, some may say it’s too late. Could have been earlier,” one neighbor told FOX 46. 

McMaster faced criticism for not implementing a ‘Stay-at-Home’ order when surrounding states did. He said South Carolina was unique in this fight and smaller in population.

“We must be aggressive in going after this virus. Seek to do as little damage and destruction to homes and businesses. We need to have budgets and laws,” he said. 

Reports of non-compliance influenced the decision.

“I think a lot of it happens on the Saturday, Sundays. In the neighborhoods, they’re walking three or four together, running together, people playing volleyball in the park,” another neighbor said to FOX 46. 

Those we spoke to are OK with it.

“Being that I’m an asthmatic as well, so it could really affect my health, I mean, I think it’s important; most definitely.”

“I feel like a lot of people – at the end of the day they’re going to do what they’re going to do and that’s their health and their personal thing it doesn’t bother me as long as they’re not in my bubble!”

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