Getting Results: Coffee shop receives support after break-in


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — For local coffee brewer, Marc DeCaria the news left a bitter taste.

“I just heard that and I was like who steals from a church,” said DeCaria, CEO of San Marco Coffee.  

Marc is talking about The Third Place coffee shop inside LGBT friendly Caldwell Presbyterian Church which was broken into last month. 

“We’ve been broken in before, but we’ve never had things taken. So seeing that, I was like, we aren’t going to be able to operate. Having Tony from the Enderly Coffee bring us an order and even for our next order giving us those beans,” said Alicia Bell, an employee at The Third Place.  

After hearing about the story that aired on FOX 46, Marc wanted to get results. 

“I was like wow. First thing I thought was let me replace the coffee and you know that’s how God works. Something gets taken from you the next day, you can get it replaced,” said DeCaria. 

After grinding and packing up several bags of coffee, the delivery was on. 

Marc is living proof it’s better to give than receive. He delivered five, 5-pound bags of whole bean coffee — warming the hearts of all involved.

This is yet another gift to the coffee shop which has had an overwhelming response since the break-in.

Its Gofundme page poured in another $10,000 in donations and now this shop’s cup runneth over with gratitude.


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