Gay rights advocacy group says they weren’t allowed in Salisbury holiday parade


SALISBURY, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — It’s a parade Donna Odrosky and her small group couldn’t wait to be part of. 

“It’s a big event and I’ve been probably 25 times at least,” said Odrosky. 

However, it’s what happened before the start of last month’s Holiday Caravan in Salisbury that has Donna upset. 

“They pulled us off the float before it even started. It felt like discrimination and prejudice against who we are and who we represented,” Odrosky said. 

Donna is the President of PFLAG which is an advocacy group for gay rights.

She claims they were not allowed to ride on a float sponsored by Avita Pharmacy because they were not following proper dress code. 

“We wore our PFLAG t-shirts and had some rainbow jewelry on and apparently that wasn’t acceptable,” 

According to Donna, this isn’t the first time they weren’t welcome at the nearly six decade old parade.

She says in past years since the parade has been run privately and not through the city they’ve tired to get their own float, but for reasons still not clear they were denied. FOX 46 reached out the parade organizers and have yet to hear back. 

Donna adds since the incident in late November her group has received an outpouring of support across the state and U.S.

Despite the embarrassment her group felt last month, she’s hopeful to participate in next year’s parade. 

“Oh yeah, it’s a tradition,” Odrosky said.  Like I said, I’ve been to like 25 parades or more since I’ve been in Salisbury and I feel like it’s important to show we are inclusive.

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