Gastonia teacher promotes happiness and success, one dance step at a time


GASTONIA, NC (FOX 46) — FOX 46 Charlotte continues to honor teachers getting results. This week we were in Gastonia, surprising a kindergarten teacher who danced her way into our hearts.

It’s a Friday tradition in the Sherwood Elementary classroom – dancing into the weekend.

“Show me you’re happy!” Ms. Christine Lutz exclaimed.

Ms. Lutz is the one behind it.

“She is just a wonderful member of our staff, very positive, sets a great classroom culture, and focuses on results,” Principal Tyler West said.

And Ms. Lutz knows how to get results.

“They’re sponges. They love to learn. This is their first year of formalized education so I like to set the tone for the next 12, 13 years and beyond,” she said.

The long-time Kindergarten teacher uses data notebooks, typically seen in higher grades. This is so her students can track their progress throughout the year.

“Every day I get smarter and I know stuff,” Christian Dean said, student.

Ms. Lutz teaches them about letters, numbers, and of course happiness.

“She tells us don’t let nobody take our happiness away,” 6-year-old Amia Battle said.

“I want them to know that happiness is a choice. No matter what their situation is, no matter what’s happening at home, if they had a bad day, if they just weren’t on task at school, no matter what, we can always choose to be happy,” Ms. Lutz said.

But it’s so much more than the happy dance that makes Ms. Lutz a teacher getting results.

“I’m very blesses to get to touch tomorrow, not a lot of people get to do that. So it’s a blessing. I love what I do and I love them. I get to be five every day. So I can come in and play games and dance and act silly, and what better job is that?”

Letter Principal Tyler West sent to FOX 46 Charlotte: 

“Christine Lutz, a Kindergarten teacher at Sherwood Elementary, is a wonderful veteran teacher.  She transferred to Sherwood from Pinewood Elementary two years ago and has fallen in love with our students and loves watching them grow.  She has implemented data notebooks where the students track their growth on various reading and math concepts.  It has been fun for me when she drops by my office with a student (notebook in hand) to brag on their growth and success.  Ms. Lutz also has a Friday routine where the whole class dances to the song “Happy.”  She pumps them up about how smart they are, how to shake off any worries they have, how they are going to have a great weekend, and how she can’t wait to see them on Monday.  She invites “guest dancers” to come and enjoy this Friday moment with the class as well!”

Ms. Lutz is going to be on Good Day Charlotte Thursday morning. No word if she’ll be making anyone dance.

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