Gaston County leaders name August 16th Jordyn Dumont Day


In a unanimous decision, Gaston County City Leaders voted to mark every August 16th Jordyn Dumont Day to honor the memory of Gaston County 3-year-old who was murdered by blunt force.

Jordyn’s biological father Joshua Kinnett flew in from Illinois to receive the proclamation.

“Thank you for all trying to come here and you know trying to restore faith and justice into this,” Kinnet said. “It’s an honor.”  

On August 16, 2016 Gaston County police found Jordyn’s body, miles from her home. Her mother’s boyfriend William Joseph McCullen is behind bars, charged with her murder.

“I mean that poor child…what she went through,” Lucy Lanier said. “It just breaks my heart.”  

Lanier joined the Rally for Jordyn protestors who raised signs outside the Gaston County Courthouse in the protest, saying the Department of Social Services could have done more to save Jordyn from an abusive home.

This past weekend, as DSS social worker resigned.

“He resigned for a reason,” Lanier said. “I mean, he is at fault.”  

Jordyn’s biological father had called DSS many times, concerned for the safety of his daughter before she was beaten to death. DSS responded that the 3-year-old was safe and in a stable home. Now, an angry community calls for changes in the system.

“Something has got to be done,” Lanier said. “As a community we got to stand together to call for changes, enough is enough.”

Rally for Jordyn protestors told FOX 46 Charlotte they will be back on Thursday and every week after, until changes are made in DSS. 

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